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Israel in the Crosshairs: From Persia to Antiochus IV

March 5, 2023 Speaker: Greg Pickle Series: Daniel

Scripture: Daniel 11:2–20

Sermon Outline

A. Foundational Events (2-4)

   1. The kings from Persia

   2. The king from Greece - Alexander the Great (3)

   3. The division of the Greek empire into four parts (4)

B. North versus South (5-20)

   1. The Parties Involved

      a) North - Seleucid Empire

      b) South - Ptolemaic Kingdom

   2. The Preliminary Conflicts (5-9)

   3. The Power shifts to the North (10-20)

      a) Initial failure of the North (10-12)

      b) Eventual success of the North (13-16)

      c) Impermanent success of the North (17-20)