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Daniel Reveals the Mystery to the King

February 13, 2022 Speaker: Greg Pickle Series: Daniel

Scripture: Daniel 2:31–45

A. Daniel Declares the Dream's Content (31-35)

    1. The king saw a statue (31-33)

        a. The statue's description (31)

        b. The statue's composition (32-33)

    2. The king saw a stone (34-35)

        a. It was cut out without hands

        b. It destroyed the statue

        c. It became a great moutain

        d. It filled the whole earth

B. Daniel Declares the Dream's Interpretation (36-45)

    1. The kingdoms of the Gentiles (36-43)

        a. Babylon (37-38)

        b. Medo-Persia (39a)

        c. Greece (39b)

        d. Rome (40-43)

    2. The kingdom of God (44-45)