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The Letter to the Romans: The Believer's Good in Every Circumstance

December 31, 2023 Speaker: Greg Pickle Series: Miscellaneous Sermons

Scripture: Romans 8:26–30

Sermon Outline:
A. The Effectual Prayers of the Spirit (26-27)
    1. He helps our weakness
    2. He intercedes for us
    3. He is understood by the Father
B. The Eternal Purpose of the Father (28-30)
    1. His working of all things for our good
        a) For his people
        b) In our adversity
        c) Through his sovereignty
        d) From his benevolence
        e) According to his plan
    2. His execution of the plan for our salvation
        a) Foreknowledge
        b) Predestination
        c) Calling
        d) Justification
        e) Glorification