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The Boy Jesus Seeks His Heavenly Father

August 6, 2023 Speaker: Greg Pickle Series: Luke

Scripture: Luke 2:41–52

Sermon Outline:

A. Jesus goes to Jerusalem with his family (41-43a)

B. Jesus remains at Jerusalem unnoticed (43b-46)

C. Jesus displays his amazing understanding (47)

D. Jesus proclaims his driving purpose (48-50)

    1. His questioning from his anxious parents (48)

    2. His relationship toward his Heavenly Father (49)

    3. His engagement in his Father’s business (49)

        a) The meaning of his statement

        b) The substance of the Father’s business

    4. His pursuit of his Messianic purpose (49)

        a) Its necessity

        b) Its priority

        c) Its propriety

    5. His parents’ failure to understand (50)

E. Jesus grows up according to his true humanity (51-52)

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