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Testimonies at the Temple, Part 2

July 30, 2023 Speaker: Greg Pickle Series: Luke

Scripture: Luke 2:29–40

Sermon Outline:

A. Simeon's testimony about Jesus (29-35)

    1. His words about Jesus' role (29-32)

        a) Jesus has fulfilled God's promise

        b) Jesus brings salvation

        c) Jesus is a light to the nations

        d) Jesus is the glory of Israel

    2. His words for Jesus' parents (33-35)

        a) His blessing of them

        b) His predictions for Mary

            (1) Jesus will bring division

            (2) Jesus will spark opposition

            (3) Jesus will bring pain to Mary's soul

            (4) Jesus will expose hearts

B. Anna's testimony about Jesus (36-38)

    1. Her biography (36-37)

    2. Her words of thanks (38a)

    3. Her words about Jesus (38b)

C. The early childhood of Jesus (39-40)

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