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Christ the Savior is Born - Part 1

June 18, 2023 Speaker: Greg Pickle Series: Luke

Scripture: Luke 2:1–20

Sermon Outline:

A. Mary gives birth in Bethlehem (1-7)

    1. A decree goes forth (1-3)

        a) The source of the decree

        b) The substance of the decree

        c) The significance of the decree

    2. A couple goes up (4-5)

        a) Their situation

        b) Their destination

    3. A child is born (6-7)

        a) His inconspicuous birth

        b) His humble circumstances

B. Angels proclaim the Savior's birth (8-14)

    1. An angel's appearance (8-9)

    2. The angel's announcement (10-12)

        a) Do not fear

        b) I bring you good news

        c) A Savior has been born

        d) This will be a sign

    3. The angel's accompaniment (13-14)

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