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The Promised Birth of Jesus, Part 1: Gabriel's Announcement to Mary

May 14, 2023 Speaker: Greg Pickle Series: Luke

Scripture: Luke 1:26–38

Sermon Outline:

A. Gabriel's audience (26-27)

    1. Her location

    2. Her identity

    3. Her situation

B. Gabriel's greeting (28-29)

C. Gabriel's message (30-33)

    1. The message about Mary (30-31)

        a) Her status

        b) Her miraculous conception

        c) Her instructions

    2. The message about Jesus (32-33)

        a) His greatness

        b) His title

        c) His inheritance

        d) His rule

D. Gabriel's explanation (34-37)

    1. Mary's confusion (34)

    2. What will happen to Mary (35)

    3. What has happened for Elizabeth (36)

    4. What is possible with God (37)

E. Mary's submission (38)