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God's Protecting Love for His People

January 3, 2021 Speaker:

Scripture: Romans 8:31–8:39

Sermon Outline:

A. Remember God's favor toward us (31)

B. Remember God's generosity toward us (32)

    1. God's proven generosity

    2. God's implied generosity

C. Remember God's justification of us (33)

    1. Believers are chosen by God

    2. God is the one who justifies

D. Remember Christ's work for us (34)

    1. Christ died for us

    2. Christ was raised for us

    3. Christ does not use his authority against us

    4. Christ intercedes for us

E. Remember God's love for us in Christ (35-39)

    1. It doesn't guarantee ease (35-36)

    2. It does bring us victory (37)

    3. It protects uf from every contingency (38-39)