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The Promised Birth of John, Part 2

May 7, 2023 Speaker: Greg Pickle Series: Luke

Scripture: Luke 1:5–25

Sermon Outline:

A. A Righteous but Childless Couple (5-7)

B. A Priest's Service for the People (8-10)

C. An Angel's Announcement to Zacharias (11-20)

    1. His appearance for Zacharias (11-12)

    2. His message for Zacharias (13-17)

    3. His response from Zacharias (18)

    4. His rebuke of Zacharias (19-20)

        a. The credentials of the angle

        b. The consequences for unbelief

        c. The certainty of the promise

D. A Priest's Silence before the People (21-23)

E. A Miraculous and Compassionate Conception (24-25)

    a. God's promise is fulfilled (24)

    b. God's mercy is recognized (25)