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SS - How Then Shall We Rest, Part 2

March 5, 2023 Speaker: Philip Boudreaux Series: How Then Shall We Rest

Review: Steps for topical study:

   1.Determine meaning of relevant passages (observation and interpretation)

   2.Make application (for us today) by considering categories of passages

Review: definition of rest

  • Rest is God’s provision to restore us from our weariness. This weariness can be physical, emotional, or spiritual. God gives us rest from work, enemies, turmoil, misfortune, worry, and sin’s results.

A. Rest from work

   1. God rested from his work of creation (Gen 2:2-3, Ex 31:17)

   2. Man gets weary from work and needs rest (Gen 3:17-19, Gen 5:29)

   3. God commanded Israel to rest from work

      a) By not gathering manna on the Sabbath (Ex 16:23-30)

      b) By not doing any work on the Sabbath (Ex 20:8-10)

         i. How should they observe the Sabbath?

         ii. Who should observe the Sabbath?

         iii. Why should they observe the Sabbath?

      c) By not tending fields every Sabbatical year (Ex 23:10-11, Lv 25:1-7)

      d) By doing no laborious work on holy days (Lv 23)

B. Rest in the Promised Land

   1. Rest from hard labor (Ex 3:6-8)

   2. Rest from enemies (Dt 12:10)

   3. Conditions of their rest (Dt 28:63-65)

C. Application for us today

   1. Rest from work

   2. Promised land rest (Heb 3:12-4:13, Ps 95)