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Satan - Our Hostile Adversary

February 12, 2023 Speaker: Greg Pickle Series: Daniel

Sermon Outline:

A. Satan’s Attributes

   1. His origin and nature

   2. His names

   3. His character

   4. His location

B. Satan's Activities

   1. He opposes God’s purposes and God’s people

      a) He opposes God

      b) He opposed Adam and Eve

      c) He opposes Israel

      d) He opposes Christ

      e) He opposes God’s kingdom

      f) He opposes gospel ministry

      g) He opposes believers

   2. He exercises dominion over the unbelieving world

   3. He rules the fallen, evil angels

   4. He causes (some) physical affliction

C. Satan's Attacks

   1. He persecutes Christians

   2. He accuses Christians

   3. He tempts Christians

   4. He tries to deceive Christians

D. Satan’s Accounting

   1. He stands condemned

   2. He will one day be bound

   3. He will one day be punished

E. Our Response

   1. Be aware of his schemes

   2. Know and believe the truth of God

   3. Be alert

   4. Resist him