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The Appearance of Daniel's 4th Vision

January 15, 2023 Speaker: Greg Pickle Series: Daniel

Scripture: Daniel 10:4– 11:1

Sermon Outline:

A. An Introduction to the Vision (1-3)

B. The Vision of the Heavenly Begin (4-9)

    1. The scene of the vision (4)

    2. The description of the vision (5-6)

    3. The effects of the vision (7-9)

C. The Message of the Heavenly Angel (10:10-11:1)

    1. The reasons for his visit (10-14)

    2. The effect of his visit (15-19)

    3. The outcome of his visit (10:20-11:1)

        a. A break from heavenly conflict

        b. A message of truth for Daniel