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Rejection or Reverence for the Newborn King

December 25, 2022 Speaker: Greg Pickle Series: Christmas

Scripture: Matthew 2:1–12

A. The appearance of the magi in Jerusalem (1-2)

   1. The magi's arrival (1)

   2. The magi's question (2)

B. The defiant response of King Herod (3-8)

   1. His troubled reaction (3)

   2. His scheming investigation (4-7)

      a) The Messiah's predicted birthplace (4-6)

      b) The time of the star's appearing (7)

   3. His deceitful instructions (8)

C. The worshipful response of the magi (9-12)

   1. The magi's journey (9)

   2. The magi's joy (10)

   3. The magi's worship (11)

      a) They saw the child

      b) They worshipped the child

      c) They gave gifts to the child

   4. The magi's departure (12)

      a) Obedience to God's warning

      b) Protection for God's Messiah

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