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Ministry With a Future Focus

November 6, 2022 Speaker: Greg Pickle Series: Your Ministry in the Church

Scripture: 2 Timothy 4:1–8

A. Biblical Promises About the Future

   1. Jesus Christ wil return

   2. The dead will be raised

   3. Every person will be judged

   4. Believers will be glorified and presented to Christ

   5. The present world will pass away

   6. The future kingdom will be full of blessings

B. How the Future Shapes Our Present Ministry

   1. The urgency with which we preach the gospel

   2. The hope we promise in the gospel

   3. The acceptability of suffering for the gospel

   4. The timeline of our encouragement toward others

   5. The importance we place on earthly possessions

   6. The importance we place on earthly institutions

   7. The evaluation of and reward for our ministry

   8. The eternal value of our Christian labor

   9. The wise stewardship of our time

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