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Ministry That Prioritizes the Local Church

October 2, 2022 Speaker: Greg Pickle Series: Your Ministry in the Church

Scripture: Matthew 16:13–20

Faithful ministry as a Christian cannot be done apart from the local church.

Sermon Outline:

A. We Must Adopt God's View of the Church's Importance

    1. It is the bride of Christ for which he died

    2. It is the body of Christ

    3. It is the household and dwelling place of God

    4. It is where God displays his glory

B. We Must Understand the Importance of the Local Church

    1. The New Testament church appears in local assemblies

    2. Local churches are the instruments of Christian ministry

        a. Discipleship & Transformation

        b. Worship

        c. Love

    3. Local churches are autonomous yet not independent

C. We Must Prioritize Ministry In and Through the Local Church

    1. Why mnistry must be connected with the local church

        a. The church carries divine authority in ministry

        b. The church equips us for ministry

        c. The church protects us in ministry

        d. The church is a major outlet of ministry activity

    2. How to prioritize the local church in your personal ministry

        a. Participate

        b. Serve

        c. Remember the Church

        d. "One anothers"


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