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Class 4: The Bible's Genres

September 11, 2022 Speaker: Brian Beemer Series: How to Study the Bible

Class Outline:

I. What are the Biblical Genres?

II. Studying Histories and Narratives

    A. The Bible primarily revolves around several key historical events

III. Wisdom and Poetic Writings

    A. What is wisdom literature?

        1. Proverbial Wisdom

        2. Speculative Wisdom

    B. What is poetic literature?

IV. The Gospels

    A. Genre, Chronology, and Harmony

V. The Epistles

    A. Structured in three parts:

        1. Opening

        2. Body

        3. Closing

    B. Studying Epistles

        1. We often have one side of the conversation

        2. Balancing original and modern audience

VI. Prophecy

    A. Understanding prophetic literature

    B. Intepreting Revelation

        1. Understand background

        2. Understand genre

        3. Understand purpose