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God's Response to Daniel's Prayer: The Vision of the 70 Weeks, Part 3

August 14, 2022 Speaker: Greg Pickle Series: Daniel

Scripture: Daniel 9:27

A. The Identity of the Coming Prince

B. The Covenant of the Coming Prince

C. The Treachery of the Coming Prince

D. The Evil Acts of the Coming Prince

   1. He brings desolation to the temple and to Jerusalem

   2. He forces worship of himself

   3. He persecutes Israel and God's saints

E. The Destruction of the Coming Prince

F. The Replacement of the Coming Prince

G. Our Response to the Coming Prince

   1. Understand the depth of human rebellion against God

   2. Understand the futility of human rebellion against God

   3. Don't believe you can bring the kingdom of God by your power

   4. Don't believe you can ignore the cosmic battle in the world

   5. Prepare appropriately for this coming time