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Class 1: Inductive Bible Study, Part 1

August 14, 2022 Speaker: Brian Beemer Series: How to Study the Bible

I. What is the Inductive Bible Study Method?

   A. Deductive Study

   B. Inductive Study

II. Observation

   A. Investigation

      1. Observe as you write

      2. It can help to print out your text

      3. Observe patterns in the text (comparisons, contrasts, parallelism)

      4. Mark linking words (and, but, etc.)

      5. Write down quotations or allusions to other passages

      6. Note mention of time or place

      7. Mark terms of conclusion (therefore, thus, etc.)

      8. Write down questions

      9. Memorize

   B. Interpretation

      1. Context rules

      2. Let Scripture interpret Scripture

      3. Never base convictions on an obscure

      4. Interpret Scripture according to the author's intent

      5. Look for the main message of the passage

      6. Study Old Testament in light of Jesus and the New Testament

      7. Adopt the New Testament's attitude toward the Old Testament