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Evangelism Class 10: Sharing with Family, Friends, & Co-Workers

June 12, 2022 Speaker: Greg Pickle Series: Evangelism

I. Review: Be Intentional and Strategic with Your Life

    1. Be devoted to praying about evangelism.

    2. Always be preparing to share the Gospel.

    3. Always be pursuing opportunities to share the Gospel with those near you.

    4. Always be pursuing opportunities to get the Gospel with those far away.

II. How to share the Gospel with Family, Friends & Co-Workers

    1. We share the same Gospel with our family, firends and co-workers as we do with anyone else.

    2. We should be diligent to pray regularly and perseveringly for those around us who need the gospel.

    3. Make plans to share the Gospel with each member of your family.

    4. Regarding your family and co-workers, speak to them with honor and humility.

    5. Be humble and courageous with your convictions.

    6. The closer we are with someone, the more important it is for us to portray the Gospel with our lives.

    7. Witnessing to family, friends and co-workers should be both urgent and patient.