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The Rise and Fall of Antichrist, Part 1

May 22, 2022 Speaker: Greg Pickle Series: Daniel

Scripture: Daniel 7:15–28

A. The General Summary of the Vision (15-18)

    1. Daniel’s Reaction to the Vision (15-16)

    2. The Interpretation of the Vision (17-18)

B. The Details about the Fourth Beast (19-27)

    1. More detail desired about the fourth beast (19-22)

    2. More detail given about the fourth beast (23-27)

        a. The truths about the fourth beast (23-25)

            1) The beast overall

            2) The ten kings

            3) The other horn

                - He will be a king

                - He will arise from this kingdom

                - He will arise after the 10 kings

                - He will be different than the 10 kings

                - He will speak out against the Most High

                - He will wear down the saints

                - He will intent to change times and law

                - He will receive extreme authority for 3 ½ years

        b. The fate of the fourth beast (26)

            1) The court will judge him

            2) His death, dethronement, and destruction