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Evangelism, Class 4: A Personal Testimony

April 24, 2022 Speaker: Philip Boudreaux Series: Evangelism

I. Your Personal Testimony

    A. What is a testimony?

    B. Your personal testimony is the account of how you came to be reconciled to God through the gospel.

    C. Your testimony isn't the gospel.

II. Reasons to Share Your Testimony

    A. To fight fear and doubt in evangelism.

    B. To encourage others (believers and unbelievers)

III. How to Use Your Testimony in Evangelism

    A. Use it to share your experience with Christ and the gospel.

    B. Use it to direct someone to Christ.

IV. Outline for Your Testimony

    A. Your life before Christ

    B. Your conversion - how you came to repent of your sins and believe in the gospel

    C. Your life since knowing Christ

    D. Call to respond to Christ