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God Delivers from the Lions' Den, Part 2

April 10, 2022 Speaker: Greg Pickle Series: Daniel

Scripture: Daniel 6:10–28

Sermon Outline:

A. The Plot Against Daniel (1-9)

B. Daniel is Caught byt the Conspirators (10-15)

    1. Daniel's Refusal to Compromise (10)

    2. The Officials' Discovery of Daniel (11-13)

    3. The King's Response to Daniel's Fate (14-15)

C. Daniel is Cast into the Lions' Den (16-18)

    1. The King's orders concerning Daniel (16-17)

    2. The King's distress over Daniel (18)

D. Daniel is Delivered from the Lions' Mouth (19-24)

    1. The King's concern for Daniel (19-20)

    2. Daniel's protection from the lions (21-23)

    3. The destruction of Daniel's enemies (24)

E. The King's Decree about Daniel's God (25-27)

F. Daniel's Success in the Kingdom of Medo-Persia (28)