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Daniel Interprets the Writing

March 27, 2022 Speaker: Greg Pickle Series: Daniel

Scripture: Daniel 5:10–31

A. The Queen’s Recommendation of Daniel (10-12)

B. The King’s Request to Daniel (13-16)

C. Daniel’s Response to the King (17-28)

    1. His rebuke to the king (17-23)

        a. He rejects the king’s gifts (17)

        b. He recounts the king’s family history (18-21)

            1) His father’s reception of greatness (18)

            2) His father’s power over the world (19)

            3) His father’s pride and deposition (20)

            4) His father’s consequences and recognition (21)

        c. He rebukes the king’s sins (22-23)

            1) Exalting himself rather than humbling himself (22-23a)

            2) Worshipping idols rather than the God of Heaven (23b)

    2. His interpretation of the message (24-28)

        a. The source of the message (24)

        b. The words of the message (25)

        c. The interpretation of the message (26-28)

    3. His reward from the king (29)

D. The Feast’s Results for Belshazzar (30-31)

    1. His recompense (30)

    2. His replacement (31)

        a. The new king

        b. The new kingdom