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Living by Faith, Part 4 - The Faith of Moses and Those Who Followed Him

June 6, 2021 Speaker: Greg Pickle Series: Hebrews

Scripture: Hebrews 11:23–11:31

Sermon Outline:

A. His parents' faith (23)

B. His fateful choise (24-26)

    1. Refused to be called the son of Pharaoh's daughter

    2. Chose God's people over sin

    3. Chose Christ's reproach over Egypt's treasures

C. His faith-driven leadership (27-29)

    1. Didn't fear the king's wrath

    2. Kept the Passover

    3. Passed through the Red Sea

D. Faith at Jericho (30-31)

    1. Joshua and the army

    2. Rahab

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